Class 12 Chemistry Biomolecules Enzymes


They are biological catalysts .Chemically all enzymes are globular proteins

Some important enzymes with their function:

  1. Lactase : convert lactose àglucose + glactose
  2. Invertase : convert sucrose à glucose and fructose
  3. Maltase : convert maltose à2glucose
  4. Emulsion: convert cellulose àn glucose
  5. Urease : convert urea àcarbon dioxide and water
  6. And many more.

Some industrial enzymes invertase and zymase are present in yeast .Enzyme diastase is used as converting starch to maltose , a sugar .the names of all enzymes end with the suffix “ase”.

Properties of enzymes

  • Enzymes are required only in small amounts.
  • They are highly specific.
  • Enzymes are efficient catalyst: they speed up reaction.
  • They work at optimum pH, at optimum temperature.
  • Their mechanism is controlled by various mechanisms and stopped by various organic and inorganic compounds.
  • The action of enzymes follows lock and key mechanism .however enzyme action is inhibited by certain organic molecules called inhibitors.

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