Class 12 Chemistry D and F Block Elements Metallic characteristics

Metallic characteristics:

  • All transition metals exhibit metallic character.

  • They are good conductors of heat and electricity.

Fig. Metal is used at the tip of the plug that is inserted into the socket

  • They are hard and tough.
  • Being metal they exhibit the property of malleability, ductility and sonorousity.

Fig. Aluminium is beaten into thin sheets to make aluminium foil used to pack food (Malleability)

Fig. bells in temples are made of metal that when struck against hard surface produces sound (Sonorousity)

Fig. Metals are drawn into wires (Ductility)

  • They form alloys by combining with some other metals.
  • They are found to exist in face- centered cubic (fcc) structure, hexagonal close-packed (hcp) structure and body-centered cubic (bcc) structure.
  • The transition elements exhibit covalent as well as metallic bonding within the atoms.

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