Class 12 Chemistry D and F Block Elements Lanthanoid



  • The electronic Configuration of lanthanoid is [Xe] 4fn+1 5d° 6s2 or [Xe] 4fn 5d1 6s2 with their valence shell electronic configuration as 4f1−14 6s2.
  • They exhibit the oxidation state of +3, +2 and +4.
  • The initial members of this series are somewhat reactive towards calcium which resembles their behaviour to that of aluminum with the gradual increasing atomic number.
  • On application of gentle heat Lanthanides combine with hydrogen.
  • Heating them with carbon leads to the formation of carbides and halides (in presence of halogens while burning).
  • Reaction of Lanthanides with dilute acids releases hydrogen gas.
  • They form basic alkaline earth metal oxides and hydroxides like N2O3 and M(OH)3.

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