Class 12 Chemistry Haloalkanes and Haloarenes E1 reaction

E1 reaction

It is a unimolecular reaction. Rate determining step consist of formation of carbocation intermediate. Stability of carbocation intermediate determines the reactivity of E1 reaction.

Order of reactivity for E1 reaction is 30 >  20   >  10. Both elimination and substitution reaction involves the use of (same reactive intermediate) carbocation. Therefore both the products are formed in comparable amount. This reaction is favored by entropy of reaction therefore increase in temperature favors the E1 reaction.


Stereochemistry of E1 reaction:

E1 eliminations generally lead to the more stable stereochemistry.

The rate of the E1 reaction depends only on the substrate, therefore more stable the carbocation is, faster will be the reaction. Slowest step is the formation of the carbocation. Alkenes formation doesn’t require strong base, since there is no leaving group that needs to be displaced. So there is no requirement for the stereochemistry of the starting material;

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