Class 12 Chemistry P Block Elements Ammonia


The molecular formula of ammonia is NH3.


Lab preparations:

  1. Hydrolysis of urea: The reaction involved is given below that is


  1. By reacting ammonium chloride with calcium hydroxide:


  1. By reacting ammonium sulphate with sodium hydroxide:


Industrial preparation:

In this nitrogen and hydrogen are taken in 1:3 ratios and catalyst Fe and MoO is used. This reaction can take place at conditions of low temperature and high pressure. The structure of these hydrides is pyramidal and hybridization sp3.

              N2 +   H2 (It is a irreversible reaction) <---> 2NH3

                 nitrogen  hydrogen                          ammonia

The reaction takes place at low temperature, high pressure, catalyst Fe, catalytic promoter MoO (molybdenum oxide).

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