Class 12 Chemistry P Block Elements Classification of oxides

Classification of oxides

We have different types of oxides

  • Normal oxides
  • Poly oxides

The poly oxides are of further different types:

  • Peroxides: In this the O22- ion is present like H2O2
  • Super oxides: In this the O2- ion is present like KO2
  • Sub oxides: In this oxygen has valence less than -2 like N2
  • Mixed oxides: In this oxygen has oxidation number in fraction like Fe3O4


On the basis of nature they are classified as:

  • Acidic
  • Basic
  • Neutral
  1. Acidic oxides: That dissolve in water to give acids:


All non metallic are acidic in nature.


  1. Basic oxides: That dissolves in water to give bases.


The metal oxides are basic in nature.


  1. Amphoteric oxides: Metalloids give amphoteric oxides.


         It  behave as acid as well as base.


  1. Neutral oxides

        They are very less in number. They are neither acidic nor basic

        Example: laughing gas.

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