Class 12 Chemistry P Block Elements Sulphuric Acid

Sulphuric acid

Its molecular formula is H2SO4.

Preparation of sulphuric acid

It is prepared from Contact’s process that is:

1st step: Preparation of sulphur dioxide:

S     +        O2 ---> SO2

Sulphur  Oxygen   Sulphur dioxide

2nd step: Preparation of sulphur trioxide:

SO2      +          O2    ----> SO3

Sulphur dioxide   Oxygen    Sulphur trioxide

3rd step: Reaction of sulphur trioxide with concentrated Sulphuric acid:

SO3                +    H2SO4                -->   H2S2O7

Sulphur Trioxide     Sulphuric Acid          Olleum

4TH step: Diluting this oleum:

H2S2O7 +  H2O  ---> H2SO4(dilute)

Olleum       Water      Sulphuric Acid

This sulphuric acid formed is 99% pure.

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