Class 12 Chemistry P Block Elements Properties of sulphuric acid


It is highly reactive due to:

  • Low volatility
  • Strong acidic character
  • Strong affinity for water
  • Its ability to act as oxidizing agent
  1. Dissociation: Sulphuric acid is dibasic in nature


Because of formation of this bisulphate and sulphate ions it forms two types of salts bisulphate’s and bisulphites that is NaHSO4 and Na2SO4.

  • Because of low volatility, it can be used for preparing volatile acids that is halogen acids.


  • It behaves as dehydrating agent, that is, if it falls on skin it causes burning sensation.

 In a same way it can convert sugar solution to black mass.


  • It behaves as oxidizing agent.


It oxidizes many like Cu to Cu2+.


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