Class 12 Chemistry P Block Elements Chemical properties of chlorine gas

Chemical properties of chlorine gas

  1. Effect on litmus: Dry chlorine gas has no effect on litmus but the moist chlorine do have the effect, as it turns blue litmus red due to formation of HCl.
  2. Reaction with metals and non metals: It reacts with metals and non metals to form respective chlorides that is given below:


  1. It has great affinity for hydrogen to form HCl

H2 +Cl--->   2HCl

  1. Reaction with ammonia


  • Reaction with alkalis
  • With dilute and cold sodium hydroxide


  • With hot and concentrated NaOH:


    With calcium hydroxide it forms bleaching powder:


  1. Reaction with hydrocarbons: It occurs in presence of light.


  1. Bleaching action of chlorine gas

It is due to nascent oxygen produced by moist chlorine:


Colored matter + [O] --> colorless matter

  1. Chlorine act as oxidizing agent: It is due to nascent oxygen.

For example:

  • It oxidizes Fe2+  --->  Fe3+ 
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