Class 12 Chemistry Surface Chemistry Types of Adsorption

Types of Adsorption



Occurs due van der Waals forces

Caused by chemical bond formation

Not specific in nature that is all gases are adsorbed on the surface to an extent

Highly specific in nature



More easily liquefiable gases are adsorbed more readily

Gases which can react with the adsorbent show chemisorption

Enthalpy of adsorption is low(20-40 kJ)

Enthalpy of adsorption is high (80-240 kJ)

It decreases with increase in temperature. Favours low temperature

It increases with increase in temperature. Favours high temperature

It does not need any activation energy

It does require activation energy.

It results into multimolecular layers on adsorbent surface under high pressure

It results into a unimolecular layer.

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