Class 12 Chemistry Surface Chemistry Shape selective catalysis-Zeolites

Shape selective catalysis-Zeolites

  • The reactions taking place in zeolites depend on-
  • They are good shape selective catalysts due to their honey-comb like structures
  • They are three dimensional network of silicates where some silicon atoms are replaced by aluminium atoms forming a Al-O-Si network.
  • Zeolites are microporousaluminosilicates.
  • The catalytic reaction which depends upon the pore structure of the catalyst and the size of the reactant and product molecules is called shape-selective catalysis
    • The size and shape of the reactants and product molecules
    • The pores and cavities of the zeolites
  • Widely used as catalysts in the petrochemical industry for cracking of hydrocarbons and isomerisation
  • Eg: ZSM-5 is used in converting alcohols directly to gasoline(petrol) by dehydrating them

Zeolite structure

Honeycomb Structure    

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