Class 12 Chemistry Surface Chemistry Enzyme catalysed Reactions:

Enzyme catalysed Reactions:

  1. Inversion of cane sugar

Invertase enzyme converts glucose into glucose and fructose


  1. Conversion of glucose into ethyl alcohol

Zymase enzyme converts glucose into ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide

  1. Conversion of starch into maltose

Diastese enzyme converts starch to maltose


  1. Conversion of maltose into glucose

Maltase enzyme converts maltose into glucose

  1. Decompostion of Urea into Ammonia and Carbon Dioxide

Urease enzyme helps decompose ammonia and carbon dioxide

  1. In stomach and intestine :

In stomachPepsin enzyme converts Proteins to Peptides

In the intestinePancreatic Trypsin converts Proteins to Amino acids by hydrolysis


  1. Conversion of milk into curd : The Lacto bacilli enzyme present in curd helps convert  Milk to Curd

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