Class 12 Chemistry Surface Chemistry Mechanism Of Micelle Formation

Mechanism Of Micelle Formation-

  • Soap is the sodium or potassium salt of fatty acid and may be represented as RCOONa (e.g. sodium stearate, (CH3(CH2)16COO-Na+]) .  Whendissolved into water , it dissociates into  RCOO- and  Na+ ions
  • The RCOO-ion consists of two parts –  long hydrocarbon chain (also called  non – polar tail)  which is hydrophobic (water repelling ) and a polar group  COO-   (polar head) which is hydrophilic (water loving )


  • At higher concentrations(CMC) RCOO- ions form an aggregate of spherical shape with the hydrocarbon chains pointing towards the centre and the COO- part facing outward on the surface of the sphere. This aggregate is called ionic micelle. It may have as many as 100 ions


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