Class 12 Chemistry The Solid State Imperfections in Solids

Imperfections in Solids

  • Constituent particles in crystalline solids are arranged in a short range as well as long range
    order yet crystals are not perfect.
  • They possess small crystals have defects that are irregularities in the arrangement of constituent
    particles in them when crystallization process occurs at fast or moderate rate.
  • These defects are of two types- point defects and line defects.
  • The irregularities or deviations from ideal arrangement around a point or an atom in a
    crystalline substance.
  • The irregularities or deviations from ideal arrangement in entire rows of lattice points are known as line defects.
  • These irregularities are called crystal defects.
  • Point defects can be classified into three types: (i) stoichiometric defects
    (ii) impurity defects and (iii) non-stoichiometric defects

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