Class 12 Maths Differential Equations Order and Degree of Differential Equation

Order and Degree of Differential Equation

Order of differential Equation

The highest derivative in a differential equation is said to be a order of differential equation.


Now let’s find out order of the function given below

Order here is 3 because of the highest order of derivative i.e. d3y/dx3 

Note: That there is difference in order and degree as shown in our next section.

Degree of differential Equation-
It is the highest power of the highest order derivative involved in the differential function.

Note:- The conditions to find the degree of differential equation is that the function should only be polynomial function if the differential equation contains log, exponential and trigonometric function of the derivative then degree is not defined i.e. the equation has to be polynomial function to define degree of a differential equation.


Here the order is 3 and degree is 1 i.e the highest power of highest derivative. 

y’’+y’+y=0        -  Here order is 3 and degree=1.

dy/dx + sin(dy/dx) =0             – Here the order is 1 but degree is not defined.

Note: Order and degree (if defined) of a differential equation are always positive integers.

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