Class 12 Maths Probability Bernoulli Trials and Binomial Distribution

Bernoulli Trials and Binomial Distribution:

Bernoulli Trials:
Trials of a random experiment are called Bernoulli trials, if they satisfy the following
(i) There should be a finite number of trials
(ii) The trials should be independent
(iii) Each trial has exactly two outcomes: success or failure
(iv) The probability of success(or failure) remains the same in each trial.

Example: A tossed coin shows a ‘head’ or ‘tail’. If the occurrence of head is considered as success, then the occurrence of tail is a failure .so, if we consider tossing a coin two times as Bernoulli trials, because 

(i)There are finite number of trials that is 2
(ii)tossing a coin second time is completely independent of the result of first time tossing
(iii)each trial has only two outcomes namely either head or tail and
(iv)The probability of getting head or tail remains the same in each trial.

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