Class 12 Physics Alternating Current Phasor diagrams

Phasor diagrams

  • Phasor diagrams are the representations of voltage-current relationship in AC circuits.
  • A phasor is a vector capable of rotating about the origin with  (angular velocity)  ‘ω’.
  • The vertical component of phasor will represent the sinusoidally varying quantity.
  • Considering  V = Vm sinωt  then the vertical component represents the instantaneous value of voltage.
  • The magnitude(length of the vector) of the phasor is the peak value at that instant of time.

Advantages of phasor diagram:-

 It is not possible to represent the complicated relationship between the voltage and currents with the help of graphs . In that case phasor diagrams are used.

Current - Voltage  representation  for Resistor circuits

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