Class 12 Physics Alternating Current Applications of Transformers

Applications of Transformers

Transmission of power over long distances :-

    1. Suppose there is a main power station, from there power is send to different sub area power stations and from there it is supplied to different houses.
    2. At the main power station there is step-up transformer, it will amplify the voltage and current is reduced.
    3. When the current is reduced therefore heating will be reduced to a great extent.
    4. The power loss is minimized to a great extent till it reaches the area sub stations.
    5. At the area substation step-down transformer is used. This transformer will reduce the voltage and then supplied to the houses.
    6. The line power loss will be not very much as the distance between the houses and area power substation won’t be very large.

Transformers are used to regulate the voltage. Many appliances use voltage stabilizers which regulate the voltage so that the electronic devices are not harmed when there is fluctuation in the voltage.

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