Class 12 Physics Dual Nature Radiation Matter Experimental Study of Photoelectric Effect

Experimental Study of Photoelectric Effect:


The experimental setup consists of:

  • Evacuated tube consist of photosensitive plate (emitter) and the metal plate (collector), so that electrons could freely flow from emitter to collector without any air resistance
  • Photosensitive plate (emitter) to absorb visible light and emit electrons
  • Metal plate (collector) to receive electrons emitted from the emitter, thus constituting a photoelectric current flowfrom collector plate to the emitter plate (opposite to the flow of electrons)
  • Monochromatic light of short wavelength (meaning high frequency)
  • Battery to accelerate emitted electrons through a potential difference
  • Voltmeter to measure the potential difference between the emitter and the collector plates due to photoelectric current flow
  • Ammeter to measure the value of photoelectric current.

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