Class 12 Physics Nuclei Einsteins Mass-Energy equivalence

Einstein’s Mass-Energy equivalence

  • According to Einstein mass is also a form of energy.
  • Mass – energy can also be converted into other forms of energy.
  • Einstein gave mass-energy equivalence relation as: - E=mc2.
  • Any object which has got mass ‘m’ has mass energy associated with it and it is given as mc2.
  • This relation helps in understanding nuclear masses and interaction of nuclei with each other.

Problem:- Calculate the energy equivalent of 1 g of substance.

Answer:- Energy, E = 10–3 × (3 × 108)2 J

E = 10–3 × 9 × 1016 = 9 × 1013 J

Thus, if one gram of matter is converted to energy, there is a release of enormous amount of energy.

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