Class 12 Physics Nuclei Nuclear stability

Radioactive nuclides: Nuclear stability

  • Experimentallyit was observedthat the number of neutrons varies with the number of protons as we move higher in the periodic table.
  • For the elements which have lesser atomic number (e.g.: O, C) the number of neutrons and the number of protons are equal.
  • From the graph we can see the straight line shows the number of neutrons is equal to the number of protons.
  • But as the atomic number increases gradually the number of neutrons become more than the number of protons.
  • In the graph there is a specific pattern like zigzag is shownbythe stable nuclides and some which don’t show this pattern represents the unstable nuclides.
  • The nuclides which are unstable emit some radiations to become;this phenomenon is known as radioactivity and the nuclides are known as radioactive nuclides.
  • Nuclides to the left of the graph arestablewhich shows they have excess neutrons.
  • Nuclides to the right of the graph have excess protons.Such nuclides are known as radioactive nuclides.

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