Class 12 Physics Wave Optics Characteristics of Waves

Characteristics of Waves

Amplitude: -

  • Amplitude is the maximum displacement of the elements of the medium from their equilibrium positions as wave passes through them.
    • It is denoted by A.


  • Phase of a wave describes the state of motion as the wave sweeps through an element at a particular position.


  • Wavelength is defined as the minimum distance between two consecutive crests or two consecutive troughs when in the same phase.
    • It is denoted by λ.
  • Time Period of a wave: -
    • Time Period of a wave is the time taken through one complete oscillation. It is denoted by ’T’.
  • Frequency of a wave:-
    • Frequency of a wave is defined as number of oscillations per unit time. It is denoted by ν.
    • ν=1/T.

  • Consider two points A and B on a wave. Their positions as well as their behaviour are same. Therefore points A and B are in phase.
  • Consider the points F and G their positions are same but the behaviour is totally opposite. So F and G are out of phase.

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