Class 12 Physics Wave Optics Sustained Interference

Sustained Interference

  • Sustained interference means positions of maxima and minima of light intensity remain fixed throughout the screen.
  • The intensity of the light remains same throughout.
  • In case of sustained interference the phenomenon of interference is permanent.
  • Therefore sustained interference is also known as permanent interference.

Conditions for sustained interference:-

  • Sources should be coherent.
    1. If the sources are not coherent then there will no fixed pattern of constructive and destructive interference.
    2. Sources should be very close to each other.
    3. Sources should be point sources.
    4. If the sources are not point then the distinction between bright and dark bands won’t be clear.
    5. Amplitudes from sources should be equal.
    6. If amplitudes are not same then the intensity of the pattern formed will also vary. It won’t be fixed.

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