Class 12 Physics Wave Optics Polaroids: Applications

Polaroids: Applications

  1. Sunglasses: -
    1. Sunglasses help to reduce the intensity of the sun light.
    2. Sunlight is unpolarized light so when it passes through the sun glass it becomes polarized.As a result intensity of sunlight is greatly reduced.
  2. Photographic cameras:-
    1. In this type of cameras Polaroids are attached.
  3. Car sun film:-
    1. Thin film reduces the intensity of the sunlight.
  4. 3D glasses:-
    1. By using 3D glasses objects can be seen in 3 dimensional.
    2. There are 2 images slightly displaced with each other are formed by our 2 eyes.
    3. These images are then interpreted by the brain.In 3D glasses Polaroids are used.
    4. One glass will polarize in such a way that image is formed in particular orientation and other glass will polarize the image in another orientation.
    5. As a result these two orientations will be interpreted by the brain and image is formed.



Partially polarized

Vibrations takeplace in any possible random plane.

Vibrations takeplace in one single specific plane.

It will have some polarized as well as some unpolarized components.

It vibrates in vertical plane but sometimes it vibrates in horizontal plane.


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