Class 6 Biology Component of Food Vitamins


Vitamins are needed for growth and development. It also provides immunity (body’s defense mechanism to fight against diseases) to our body




Rich source

Vitamin A

Good for our skin, hair and eyes

carrot, sweet potato

Vitamin C

Good for immunity

Found in citrus fruits like lemon, orange, tomato

Vitamin D

Helps our body to use calcium for bones and teeth




·         Our body makes Vit. D in the presence of sunlight of its own.

·         We need calcium from external source.

Vitamin E

Good for our vision

Found in almonds, peanuts

Vitamin K

Good for our blood

Found in spinach, broccoli


  • There are group of vitamin called Vitamin B- complex.
  • Containing group of 8 Vitamins Vit.B1, Vit.B2, Vit.B3, Vit.B5, Vit.B6, Vit.B7, Vit. B9 and Vit.B12.
  • The B vitamins play an important role in cell metabolism.



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