Class 6 Biology Getting to Know Plants Flower


  • Flower is mainly the reproductive part of plant. Due to different colors of flowers we are able to recognize the plant.
  • Different parts of flower: Petals, Sepals, Pistil, Stamen.


  •  Petals: The colored part of flower that covers the reproductive part of flower.
  • Sepals: The outermost green color part that enclose the bud.

  • Stamen: The pollen producing part of flower. It has two parts, first is anther which contains pollen grains and second is filament, the tube like structure supporting anther.


Structure of stamen



  •  Pistil: The innermost part which produces ovules.
  • It has 3 parts, first is stigma, the upper part receives pollen grain for fertilization. Second is style a long hollow tube like structure join stigma and ovary. Third is ovary in which ovules are produced.
  • The mature ovary develops into fruit and the mature ovules develop into seeds.



Structure of pistil






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