Class 6 Biology Living Organisms and Surroundings Adaptation of organisms

Adaptation of organisms

Adaptation is the property of the organisms by which organisms can live in its surroundings because of the presence of certain features or specific habits. Let us understand adaptation of organisms with example.

Adaptation of Camels –

  •  Live in desert.
  •  Can live without water for a long time.
  • Long legs of camels help them to keep their bodies away from desert.
  • Excrete small amount of urine and loselittle water fromtheir body and thus they are adapted to live in desert for many days without water.

Fig. Adaptation of camels on the desert 


Adaptation of fishes-

  • Fishes inside water have streamlined shape body and have slippery scales to move inside water and protect themselves.
  • Fishes have fins and tails to keep balance in water.
  • They also have gills to use oxygen dissolved in water which help them to live inside water for years.

Fig. Adaptation of fishes in water 

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