Class 6 Biology Water WATER MANAGEMENT


  • Water is supplied by well-planned pipe system.
  • Leaking of water supply pipes causes loss of water and less water available to household.
  • Water wastage also occurs at individual level like while brushing teeth, shaving, washing, etc.
  • Leaking water taps also causes huge wastage of water.
  • Rainwater can recharge the groundwater. This is called rainwater harvesting.
  • Bawri is a traditional way of collecting water, which is practiced till date in villages. In some of the places, bawris fell into disuse and garbage started piling in these reservoirs.

Due to water scarcity, these have been revived.

  • Drip irrigation is a technique of watering plants by making use of narrow tubing which delivers water directly at the base of the plant.

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