Class 6 Chemistry Changes around us Different Types of Changes

Different Types of Changes

  • Changes can be natural and man-made.
  • Natural changes
    • For example:-
  1. Change in weather
  2. Falling of leaves
  3. Growing of human being.
  • Man Made Changes
    • For Example:-
  1. Hunting of eagles
  2. Burning of paper
  • Changes Can be brought by following causes:-
  1. Force:-
    1. Examples are: - Moulding of Clay, Cutting of Vegetables, Pushing of table etc.
  2. Pressure:-
    1. Examples are:-Blowing of air into tyres, ball, balloon, and food cooked in pressure cooker etc.


  1. Mixing of substances:
    1. Example: - Consider a beaker containing copper sulphate solution and put a bar of magnesium. After some time we will see copper sulphate solution changes to white. A chemical reaction takes place:-

 Mg + CuSO4 --> MgSO4 + Cu

The colour of solution changes to colourless as the colour of magnesium sulphate is colourless and the colour of magnesium bar changes to blue.



  1. Change can be absorbed in the shape and state of the substances around us.
    1. For Example: - A piece of chocolate is solid until it melts .So its solid form is changing to semi-liquid form.
  2. Changes caused by energy
  3. Energy by provided by light, heat etc.

For example: - Photosynthesis in plants, sugar crystals changing into molten sugar because of heat energy.

Note: - Changes can be temporary or permanent and may be periodic or non-periodic. The changes may be slow or fast, reversible or irreversible.

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