Class 6 Maths Basic Geometrical Ideas Line Segment

Line Segment

A line drawn between two points is termed as a line segment. A line segment is used to determine the distance between two points. As we can label a point, similarly we can label a line segment by using English alphabets of both the point together.

For Example, we are going to demonstrate distance between the houses of five friends (let them be A, B, C, D and E) on a map using the concept of line segment and label them accordingly.

Referring to the above image, distance between house of A and house of B is demonstrated by the line segment drawn between the two points. This line segment is labelled as AB or BA.


Similarly, distance between house of C and house of D is demonstrated as 

We can demonstrate the distance between all the house by the using the same concept of line segment.

Note: A point is a zero-dimensional entity, as we cannot move at all from that pointed location. A line segment is a one-dimensional entity, as we can only move back and forth between two points.

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