Class 6 Maths Basic Geometrical Ideas Angles


Angle can be also called as “corner’. By this, an angle is made when any two or more rays starting from the same vertex point.

For example,

We can see that; two rays OA and OB is originating from the common point O. where OA and OB are called arms or sides of the angle and O is called vertex. Angle can be labelled by using English alphabets and can be written as angle AOB or angle BOA. Angle can also be demonstrated by using a symbol ‘∠’ Hence, angle for the above figure can be written as, ∠AOB or ∠BOA

Let us take a different scenario where four rays are originating from a common point.

In the above figure, we have four rays also termed as arms, i.e. OA, OB, OD, OC originating from a vertex O. Angles formed are, ∠AOB or ∠BOA, ∠AOD or ∠DOA, ∠BOC or ∠COB, ∠DOC or ∠COD

Note: While labelling an angle, the vertex is always written as the middle letter.

Question: Name the angles in the given figure:


Angles are: ∠ABC, ∠BCD, ∠CDA, ∠DAB

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