Class 6 Maths Fractions Mixed as Improper Fraction

Expression of Mixed as Improper Fraction and Improper as Mixed Fraction

It is possible to convert the improper fraction into a mixed fraction and vice versa.

Improper to Mixed Fraction

  • Firstly, a division is carried out with denominator as the divisor and the numerator as the dividend.
  • The quotient obtained through division becomes the whole part.
  • The remainder obtained through division becomes the numerator of the fractional part.
  • The divisor or the denominator of the improper fraction remains the denominator of the fractional part also.
  • Therefore a mixed fraction is written as 


Mixed to Improper Fraction

Following is used to convert mixed to improper fraction:

  • The whole is multiplied by the denominator and the numerator is added. The number r obtained is the numerator of the improper fraction.
  • The denominator of the mixed fraction remains as the denominator of the improper fraction.

Problem: Express the following as mixed fractions. 20/3


Problem: Express the following mixed fractions as improper fractions: 8 4/9


In this case, 8 is the whole, 4 is the numerator and 9 is the denominator.

Thus putting these values in the following we get :

= (8*9) + 4



Thus we get an improper fraction with 31 as the numerator and 9 as the denominator. It can also be seen that the value of this fraction is greater than 1.

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