Class 6 Maths Integers Integers Numericals

Problem: Represent the following numbers as integers with appropriate signs. 

Since aeroplane is flying at a height two thousand metre above the ground.Therefore, it will be represented as + 2000.


Problem: Represent the following numbers on a number line: + 5

Since the number is +5, it is a positive integer.


Problem: Represent the following numbers on a number line: -1

Since the number is -1, it is a negative integer.


Problem: Following is the list of temperatures of five places in India on a particular day of the year. 

1. Write the temperatures of these places in the form of integers in the blank column.

2. Following is the number line representing the temperature in degree Celsius. 

Plot the name of the city against its temperature.

3. Which is the coolest place?

Lower the temperature, cooler is the place. Hence the place with lowest temperature as shown in the number line is Siachin. The temperature in Siachin is -10.

4. Write the names of the places where temperatures are above 10°C.

Delhi and Ahmedabad are two places with temperatures above 10 degree Celsius. It will be comparatively hot in these places.

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