Class 6 Maths Mensuration Area


The amount of surface enclosed by a closed figure is called its area.


Area of a Square:

Area of the square = side × side = l2


Area of a Rectangle:

Area of a rectangle = (length × breadth)


Problem: The area of a rectangular garden 50 m long is 300 sq m. Find the width of the garden.


Let the width of the garden be of b m.

Since the garden is rectangular in shape, we get :

Area of a Rectangle = length * breadth = 50*b

50*b = 300

 b = 300/50

 b = 6 m

The width of the garden is 6m.


Problem: A floor is 5 m long and 4 m wide. A square carpet of sides 3 m is laid on the floor. Find the area of the floor that is not carpeted.


Area of the rectangular floor = length*breadth   =  5*4 = 20m2

Area of the square carpet = Side2  = 3*3 = 9m2

Remaining area on the floor = (20 -9) m= 11m2

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