Class 6 Maths Understanding Elementary Shapes Measuring Angles

Measuring Angles

The one complete turn is called one revolution and it is divided into 360 equal parts. Each part is a degree. We can measure the angle by using a protractor.

A protractor is divided into 180 equal parts and each part is equal to a degree. The markings start from 0° on the right side and ends with 180° on the left side, and vice-versa.


Problem: Measure the angles given below, using the protractor and write down the measure:


Solution: By using the protractor, we find that

(a) 400                                      (b) 1300                                    (c) 900                                   (d) 600

Problem: Find the angle measure between the hands of the clock in each figure:




(a) 900                                                (b) 300                                                (c) 1800

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