Class 7 Biology Reproduction in Plants Sexual reproduction

Sexual reproduction

  • Flowers are the reproductive parts of a plant.
  • The male reproductive part of a flower is stamen and female reproductive part is pistil.
  • Stamen consists of anther and the filament.
  • Anther contains pollen grains and thus helps in formation of male gametes.
  • Pistil consists of stigma, style and ovary.

Fig. parts of a flower  

  • Female gametes are called as egg which is produced in the ovules of the ovary.
  • Zygote is the 1 celled stage of an individual formed by the fusion of male and female gametes.
  • When a flower contains both male and female gametes, it is called as bisexual flower. Example- mustard, rose.

Fig. Mustard flower

  • When a flower contains either male or female gamete it is called unisexual flower. Example – corn, cucumber.

Fig. Corn flower  

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