Class 7 Biology Reproduction in Plants Seed dispersal

Seed dispersal

  • Seeds of a plant get dispersed to different places and form different plants at different places.
  • Seeds are dispersed by water, wind and animals.
  • Wind blow off the winged seeds of drumsticks, light seeds of grasses, hairy seeds of oak and hairy fruit of sunflower.

Fig. Seed dispersal

  • Coconut seeds are dispersed by water as the seeds develop the capacity to float in the presence of sponge like or fibrous outer coat.

Fig. Coconut with fibrous outer coat  

  • Xanthium seeds are spiny with hooks and get attached to the bodies of animals and thus dispersed by animals.

Fig. Spiny xanthium seeds with hooks

  • Castor and balsam seeds disperse far when the fruit disperse burst with sudden jerks.

Fig. Castor seeds  

Advantages of seed dispersal

  • Seed dispersal prevents competition between the plant and it is own seedling for sunlight, water and nutrients.
  • Plants can acquire new habitat by seed dispersal and distribute widely.

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