Class 7 Biology Respiration in Organisms Respiration in muscule cells

Respiration in muscule cells

  • Like yeast the muscular cells are also capable of surviving in the absence of air and hence can respire anaerobically.
  • But they can respire anaerobically only during temporary deficiency of
  • For instance, heavy exercises like cycling, walking, heavy weight lifting, fastrunning, and many more require heavy supply of oxygen. But the supply of oxygen for producing energy is limited.
  • At this time of temporary deficiency ofoxygen the muscular cells respire anaerobically to fulfillthe demand of energy.

  • This lactic acid produced is carried to the cells of the body by the protein carrier and is used as fuel by the energy fabrics in muscle cells.
  • It is stored in the form of glycogen in the muscular cells.

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