Class 7 Biology Respiration in Organisms Breathing


  • The process of respiration requires oxygen to break down food and convert it into energy along with the release of carbon-dioxide gas. For this purpose we need a medium for taking in oxygen and expelling out the carbon-dioxide. This purpose is solved by a process called breathing.
  • The process of taking in oxygen rich air and giving out air rich in carbon-dioxide is referred to as breathing. It is an endless process that continuesthroughout the lifeof a living organism.
  • The process of breathing is carried out fluently using the respiratory organs.
  • The process of breathing in oxygen rich air through the respiratory organ is called inhalation.
  • The process of breathing out carbon-dioxide rich air through the respiratory organ is called exhalation.
  • One breath equals to the composition of one inhalation and one exhalation. Number of times a person breathes in a minute is referred to as breathing rate.

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