Class 7 Biology Respiration in Organisms Respiration in earthworm

Respiration in earthworm

Earthworm is a reddish brown terrestrial invertebrate (it does not have a backbone).

They are found in the upper layer of the soil and improves the soil fertility.

It feeds on the dead and decaying matter present in the soil.

They do not have any specialized respiratory system. But they respire through their moist and slimy skin due to the moisture present in soil and the mucus present in their body.

It picks up oxygen from the water present in the soil using the hemoglobin present in the blood of earthworm.

During the rainy season the soil is too wet. That creates a problem in the respiration of the earthworm. Hence they come out to the surface and respire comfortably.

The moist and slimy makes it easy for the gas to pass through it and get into the body of the earthworm.

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