Class 7 Biology Respiration in Organisms Respiration in fish

Respiration in fish

  • Fish are vertebrates living in water.

  • The rate of breathing of aquatic animals is higher than the terrestrial animals (animals that lives on land) because percent of oxygen present in water is less than percent of oxygen present in atmosphere. So higher rate of breathing enables them to take up more oxygen.
  • Fishes have certain projections on their body known as gills. These are feathery organs
  • These gills are connected with blood vessels for easy exchange of gases. These gills help the aquatic species like fish to utilize the oxygen dissolved in the water.


  • The gills continuously keeps on moving that enables it to take the water. It takes the water through its mouth and forces it through the gills.

As water passes through the thin walls of the gills the dissolved oxygen moves into blood vessel and travels to the different cells and tissues of the body of the fish.

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