Class 7 Biology Water: A Precious Resource Availability of water

Availability of water

  • 71% of water of earth’s surface is covered with water.
  • Water is contained on seas, oceans, lakes, rivers, ice caps.
  • But most of the water is not fit for human to consume because water of seas and oceans is saline water.
  • The only water which is fit for human consumption is freshwater.
  • Fresh water represents maximum amount of water present on the earth.
  • Amount of ground water is less on the earth if compared to fresh water.
  • One fourth of the total water on earth is present in lakes and rivers.
  • Water present in glaciers, ice caps, and permanent snow is not readily available.
  • Earth appears blue because of the presence of water.

Fig.Water of sea, river, lake ,ice cap

Fig. Earth appears blue because of the presence of water

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