Class 7 Biology Water: A Precious Resource Management of Water

Management of water

Causes of water wastage

  • Supply of water should be managed properly to avoid wastage of water.

Fig. Supply of water in the tap

  • Wastage of water take place due to
  1. Leakage of pipes while supplying water.

Fig. Leaked pipe  

  1. Leaking taps.
  2. While using water for daily activities water is sometimes wasted.
  3. Water from rainfall flows away.

Fig. water of rainfall flows away  

Ways to manage water better

  • Water harvesting is the process of recharging ground water with rain water.

Fig. Water harvesting  

  • Bawris are the traditional way of water harvesting.
  • Bawris are deep wells dug in the ground which have steps to reach the water stored.

Fig. Bawris  

  • The process of watering the plants at the base with narrow tubings is called drip irrigation.

Fig. Drip irrigation

  • Use of water can be managed by turning off the taps while not in use, mopping the floor instead of washing.

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