Class 7 Biology Weather, Climate and Adaptations of Animals to Climate POLAR REGIONS


  • Polar region are covered with snow and it is very cold for most part of the year. Sun does not set at the pole for six months and sun does not rise for other six months.
  • Temperature goes as low as -37 degree C in winters.

Polar bears have white fur (to protect them from their predators and helps them in catching prey).


  • They have two thick layers of fur to prevent from extreme cold. They also have layer of fat under the skin. Due to which they are fully insulated. They move slowly and rest often to avoid getting overheated.
  • During warm days, cooling is required in their body so they go for swimming.
  • They have wide and large paws which help it not only swim well but also walk easily in the snow.
  • It can close its nostrils for long and can remain under water for long durations.
  • It has strong sense of smell so that it can catch its prey for food.


Pic shows adaptations of polar bear.

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