Class 7 Biology Weather, Climate and Adaptations of Animals to Climate TROPICAL RAINFORESTS


  • These are generally hot regions because of its location around the equator.
  • Day and night are almost equal in length throughout the year.
  • These regions get plenty of rainfall.
  • Tropical forests are found in Western ghats and Assam in India, Southeast Asia, Central America and Central Africa.
  • Because of continuous warmth and rain, this region supports wide variety of plants and animals.
  • Climatic conditions in rainforests are highly suitable for supporting large variety of plants and animals.
  • Due to large number of animals, there is intense competition for food and shelter.
  • Many animals are adapted to living on trees for example: red-eyed frog has developed sticky pads on its feet to climb trees. Monkeys have long tails for grasping branches to live on trees. Their hands and feet are such that they can hold the branches easily.
  • Due to tough competition for food, many animals get adapted for food which is not easily reachable. For example: Toucan possesses a long, large beak which helps them to reach the fruits on branches which are otherwise too weak to support its weight.
  • Many animals have sensitive hearing, sharp eyesight, thick skin and a skin colour which helps them to camouflage by bending with the surroundings. This is to protect them from predators.

They have thick skin and sensitive hearing.

  • Lion-tailed macaque (Beard ape) has silver-white mane which surrounds the head from the cheeks down to its chin. It is a good climber and spends major part of his life on the tree. It feed mainly on fruits, also eat seeds, young leaves, stems, flowers and buds. It also searches for insects under the bark of the trees so it rarely comes down on the ground.


Pic shows Lion-tailed macaque

  • Elephant uses his nose because of which it has strong sense of smell. It is also used for picking up food. Its tusks are modified teeth which can tear the bark of trees that elephant loves to eat. Large ears of the elephant help it to hear even very soft sounds. This also helps the elephant to keep cool in the hot and humid climate of the rainforest.


Pic shows An Elephant

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