Class 7 Maths Algebraic Expressions Terms of an Expression

Terms of an Expression

Terms are added to form an expression.

Ex: terms 3x and 7 are added to form the expression 3x + 7

Again, the expression 2y2 – 7xy are formed by adding the terms

2y2 and -7xy i.e. 2y2 + (-7xy) = 2y2 – 7xy

Factors of a term

A term is a product of its factors.

Let us take a term 2y2

The term 2y2 is a product of 2, y and y. Now, we say that 2, y and y are the factors of the term 2y2

Again the term – 7xy is a product of the factors -7, x and y.


The numerical factor is said to be the numerical coefficient or simply the coefficient of the term.

Ex: In the term 20y2, 20 is the coefficient of y2.

Again, in the term -3xyz, -3 is the coefficient of xyz.

In general, a coefficient may be either a numerical factor or an algebraic factor or a product of two or

more factors.


Ex: In the term 7xy, 7 is the coefficient of xy, x is the coefficient of 7y and y is the coefficient of 7x.

In 5xy2, 5 is the coefficient of xy2, x is the coefficient of 5y2 and y2 is the coefficient of 5x.

We can represent the terms and factors of an expression in an efficient way by using a tree diagram.

Ex: Let us take the expressions 3xy – 10x, 5x3 – 2xy to draw the tree.

      Class_7_Maths_Algebraic_Expressions_Example_Of_Algebraic_Expressions                 Class_7_Maths_Algebraic_Expressions_Example_Of_Algebraic_Expressions_1

Problem: Identify terms which contain x and give the coefficient of x.

(i) y2 x + y             (ii) 13y2 – 8xy             (iii) x + y + 2         (iv) 5 + z + zx            (v) 1 + x + xy  

(vi) 12xy2 + 25    (vii) 7x + xy2











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