Class 7 Maths Rational Numbers Rational Numbers on a number line

Rational Numbers on a number line

We know how to represent integers on a number line. Let us draw one such number line.


The points to the right of 0 are denoted by + sign and are positive integers. The points to the left of 0 are denoted by – sign and are negative integers.

We can also represent the rational numbers on the number line. Let we want to represent -1/2 on the number line. The rational number -1/2 lies between 0 and -1. So, -1/2 - would be marked at a point half the distance between 0 and –1 and we can represent this number as shown in the figure.


In the same way, we can represent other rational numbers also on the number line.

Problem: Draw the number line and represent the following rational numbers on it:

(i) 3/4                  (ii) -5/8                    (iii) -7/4                     (iv) 7/8


(i) Given rational number is 3/4                 


(ii) Given rational number is -5/8                   



(iii) Given rational number is -7/4                    



 (iv) Given rational number is 7/8


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