Class 7 Maths Visualising Solid Shapes Nets For Building 3-D Shapes

Nets For Building 3-D Shapes

We can visualized 3-D shapes on a 2-D surface, that is, on paper.  Let us try forming these objects by making what are called nets.

Take a cardboard box. Cut the edges to lay the box flat. You have now a net for that box. A net is a sort of skeleton-outline in 2-D  which, when folded results in a 3-D shape as shown in the given figure.


Here is a net pattern for a box. Copy an enlarged version of the net and try to make the box by suitable folding and gluing together. We may use suitable units. The box is a solid figure. It is a three-dimensional object with the shape of cuboids. We have different nets for different shapes.


Problem: Match the nets with appropriate solids:




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