Class 7 Physics Motion and Time Distance-Time Graph

Distance-Time Graph

This is usually drawn as a line graph as it taken two variable quantities – Distance and Time. In a Distance-Time graph, Distance is considered on the Y-axis (Vertical) and Time is considered on the X-axis (Horizontal).

Below is an example of how to prepare a Distance-Time graph based on data



Some of the points to be kept in mind while choosing the most suitable scale for drawing a graph are:

  • Determine the maximum quantity to be taken on each axis.
  • Divide this maximum quantity in smaller equal parts, so that it is easy to mark the points. The number of equal parts to be taken depends upon the data available. For eg, in the above diagram, distance quantity is 10 whereas time quantity is 20.
  • Try to draw the graph so that it covers maximum paper space which will make it look clean.

Slopecalculation using D-T Graph:Slope of a Distance-Time graph (From point A to F) is also the speed at every instant. Higher the slope greater is the speed of that object. Below is a diagram to calculate slope.


Types of Motions using D-T Graph

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