Class 8 Biology Conservation of Plants Animals Deforestation

Deforestation and it’s Causes

  • This process of removal of a forest or collection of trees from a land and thereafter converting the land to a non-forest use is called deforestation. It has imparted devastating effects on the human beings.
  • Now a day with the growing population the need of human beings has also increased. To meet the daily needs the balance in nature is getting imbalanced. Huge population requires more space to live in, more food to eat, more accessories and equipments to lead a comfortable life. Consequently, the nature is suffering.
  • Huge numbers of trees are being cut down to meet the need for increased land for housing, fooding.
  • Trees are cut to meet the need for wood used in manufacturing paper, furnitures, in food industry, etc.

  • In this figure a forest is being cut down to get land for construction of buildings and the trees are used for manufacturing papers. Consequently the green forest is getting converted to barren land and desert.

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